Zooming In On Millennials

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Zoom+, which is a medical provider and health insurer that aims to give patients more control and transparency, is trying to buck the traditional health care system by offering what it bills as convenient, affordable care in a hip and user-friendly environment.

Zoom started in Portland, it has more than 30 locations now and its aim is to target millennials. Patients can make same-day-appointments through an app and there are no magazines in the waiting room because patients don’t typically wait long enough to read.

This medical provider offers dental care, mental health services and chronic disease management, appointments with cardiologists, dermatologists and other specialists, as well as a “performance studio” to help people reach their fitness goals and a clinic that treats emergencies such as broken bones and concussions.

Zoom treats Zoom insurance members, people with other health plans and self-paying patients. It doesn’t accept people who are on Medicaid or Medicare and aims in serving a population that was ignored by the health system before the Affordable Care Act came along.

It relies heavily on nurse practitioners and physician assistants, and maintains small staffs. It also has its own electronic health record system. The emergency clinic is one place where doctors said they are able to avoid overhead and pass savings along to patients. For patients paying out of pocket, a visit costs under $300.

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